Red Angel Plates

Most girls reading nail blogs have heard, or at least see mentioned the Konad and Bundle Monster stamping plates. The whole craze started with Konad, then Bundle Monster introduced set one and set two at competitive prices. After purchasing plates from both companies, I checked Amazon to find some more. That's when I stumbled across the Red Angel plates. I'm so glad I ordered them, and thought I'd offer you guys some images of the 21 plates that are included in the set. 

All images are taken from Amazon's zoom pages one, two, and three. The green lace background of all the images is called manofmydreams by alliesunshine. All editing of images was done by me!

Below each image is a link to a design I did using the plate (if applicable). 

Enjoy! Feel free to link back to this page or any of the images on your own blog.

Used in Fairy Mermaid
Used in Optical Chaos

Used in Tealy Dan

Used in Glitzy Grinch
Used in Persian Rug

This page was originally posted on November 26, 2011. Edits are constantly being made, so check back often!


  1. Cool, I've had these saved in my cart for awhile now, I'll have to go ahead and order! Thanks for the close-ups and review:)

  2. Hello,

    I am from Germany and I'm on the lookout for these Red Angel Platen.
    The Platen it is only at Amazon.
    Amazon does not deliver to Germany.
    Can anyone tell me where I can still buy the supplies to Germany?

    love greetings

    1. I've heard from other girls who live abroad that Red Angel no longer ships internationally. :( You could try contacting the company directly to see if that is indeed the case, but as far as I know, you may be out of luck unless you know someone in the US who can ship to you themselves.


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