Awards and Mentions

The blogging community is a strong one, full of support and love. Here is some of the love I've received from my fellow nail bloggers! Some of these awards ask that I pass the award on to others, but rather than choose, I pass it along to all those who have found the motivation to post frequently, try new things, and share their insights thoughtfully and honestly with others.

I strongly encourage each and every one of you to explore these blogs and possibly discover a new nail art lover to learn from and take inspiration from. You're all so talented, but there's always someone with a new idea for you to gain some insight and inspiration from!

 Elena at Tip-Top-Nails nominated me for the Liebster Award.
Bunny Nails also nominated me!

Mihaela at Lacquer Buzz nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Crystal at Nail Noise nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.
Elena at Tip-Top-Nails also nominated me!
Tia at Pretty Polished Pointers also nominated me!
Kelly at Kelly's Nail Blog also nominated me!

Crystal at Nail Noise also nominated me for the Nail Art Friendly Blog Award.

 Jonochi at Just Add Polish nominated me for the Cute Blog Award.

Kim at KimsKie's Nails nominated me for the I Love Your Blog Award.

 Traci at Drinkcitra nominated me for the Blogger Appreciation Award.
 Daisy at Inspired also nominated me!