My Paprika Czechbook is Buff

Almost time for bed, and after a wonderful day of extreme scores at the nail supply shops, I had to use my new colors.

I got all 12 colors from the OPI Euro Centrale collection. Tonight, I used three:

  • My Vampire is Buff
  • Can't Find My Czechbook
  • My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours!

Like this almost 3D look? I love it, and I love the collection!

More to come for nail art of Euro Centrale, I'm sure!

kur by LONDONTOWN Giveaway Winner

EDIT 2/27: Our first winner Daphne unfortunately does not live within the US. We've selected a new random winner, and the edits have been made below.

Thanks to everyone that entered the kur by LONDONTOWN giveaway last week! I received over 80 entries!

Using to generate a number from 2 to 82, I received the following:

I then checked this number against the spreadsheet of responses in the Google form (organized by date the user submitted their form), and the winner was selected...

 Congratulations to Kelli Dobrin!

You are the winner of the $125 kur Nail Treatment System giveaway!

I have sent Kelli an email and will await her reply.

Thank you all for entering, and continue to follow LONDONTOWN USA on Pinterest for great nail art inspiration, as well as helpful how-tos to keep your hands in top shape.

Color Secrets Professional Review and Swatches

I've got two simple swatches and a rad nail art design for you today.

JB Cosmetics has introduced a new line of lacquer and appliques called Color Secrets Pro. Today I'll be showing you two of the colors from their lacquer line, but you can see all the other colors and the appliques at their website here.

The two colors sent to me were The Palm Beach Story and The Endless Summer. I wanted to incorporate both colors into the nail art design, but with the green and red, I had to large patterns that would inevitably lean towards Christmas. I decided to do a simple and feminine floral rose design to use both colors.

I used Jacqueline (Zoya) as a base, and then just mixed The Endless Summer with a white (Purity from Zoya) to get the mixed pink for the roses. The petals were done with The Palm Beach Story (which is the darker green) and Sea Breeze (Avon).

Now let's talk about the colors on their own.

The first color is called The Palm Beach Story. I liked this dark mossy teal, leaning slightly more on the green than blue side. I used three thin coats for my swatch, but you can use two if you'd prefer. It works well for nail art as well as you can see from the fun rose design inspired by the two colors.

My skin looks a little strange because I was trying to color-correct to get the polish to be an accurate color.

The Endless Summer is a rich coral red. When it dries, it appears somewhat matte. Again, I used three coats, but two are very realistic. This color really pops on your nails!

Color Secrets Pro colors retail for a great price, at just $2.99 per bottle. They're all Big 3-Free (DBP, toulene and formaldehyde free).

If you're interested in their appliques, which all appear to be 3D with rhinestones and glitter, those go for $5.99 each.

I'm not sure if these are sold in stores anywhere, but you can order directly from their website.

These products were sent to me by JB Cosmetics. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.

Angled Onyx

Quick post as I get ready to go out!

An angled french, with a base of the light and delicate You Callin' Me a Lyre? (OPI). Freehanded Black Onyx (OPI) tips create a cool effect on my nails, and that's all accented with some gold striping tape.

Kind of love this look, and I wish I could gush about it further, but I've gotta go! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Winstonia Stamping Plate Review

Remember Winstonia? That surprise beauty supply company that I quickly adored because of their fabulous nail art brush kit?

Well they're back on Nailed It, making another big splash in my opinion of the company. They recently launched their first generation of nail stamping plates. The set comes with 20 plates and retails for $15.99. So thinking of it as 80 cents per plate, you're realize you're getting a bargain.

Thinking of it as 80 cents for these plates, you realize you're robbing someone blind. These plates are superb. I love them, and I've sort of fallen out of love with stamping plates. (It's not them, it's me.)

First off, the size of the designs is great. The whole-nail designs cover my entire nail, including my thumb.

Each plate arrives sealed in blue film to prevent scraping damage, and the backs all have thin cardboard protecting you from sharp edges. They're circular discs, just as Bundle Monster, Cheeky, Red Angel and Konad.

The engravings on the plates are the perfect depth. I tried two designs, one of which had some of the smallest detail I've seen (the peacock feather above), and I got a near-perfect transfer almost every single time! No muss, no fuss. Just polish, swipe, stamp, and simple as stamping should be. I take issue with plates that don't have the proper depth to their patterns, causing me to redo the process over and over. The bad experiences I've had lately with some of my other plates just left a sour taste in my mouth, but trying the Winstonia set was like licking a sugar cube.

The kit does not come with a stamper or scraper, so you'll need to procure those some other way. (Winstonia offers a two-way stamper and scraper combo tool here.)

I'd also like to give major props to Winstonia for their creativity in designs. They're modern and I like all of them! Though some designs are pretty useless (such as the stamp that's literally just text that reads "earth day"), most are very thoughtful of today's trends. The following plate is likely to be a big hit:

Mustaches, aviators and Gameboy references?! Like I said...I think it'll be a hit.

I had some personal favorites as well. The season-appropriate stamp I liked most was the wood grain, which I showed in my manicure tonight. (Unseasonably, I liked the sweater design of plate W120). I wanted to play with another stamp, so I also did feathers.

Light as a feather...stiff as a board. That old sleepover game that never worked for me and my friends actually works much better on nails!

I used A Taupe the Space Needle (OPI) as my wood base, and stamped it with Konad Chocolate. The white base is Au Champagne (ORLY) and it's stamped with Passion (China Glaze).

You can buy the set from Winstonia's store here. They've also generated another fantastic coupon for you to use on anything in the store. Enter the code BLOGNAILEDIT for 10% off your order of these plates through April 30th! Please note: The coupon code only applies to the plates, not your entire order.

If your order is $30 or more, you can get 15% off your entire order by entering EVERYTHING15.

Some people were upset that Winstonia didn't ship to their countries, but checking their shipping policies page, it appears they do ship internationally, though you will have to pay via PayPal if you do ship internationally. 

These products were sent to me by Winstonia. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.

Candyland's Jester

I promised nail art featuring the Sation Candylandia colors (swatched here), and tonight, though late, I deliver. Midnight posts are popular somewhere I'm sure. Some time zone loves the fact that I'm a night owl when it comes to posting.

This jester-inspired half half-moon, half funky french design is really eye-catching and funky! I used three Sation colors for this: two colors from Candylandia and one from Nailstock. Strumming My Nails is from Nailstock. It's that lovely off-white tinged grey. The two Candylandias are Lollipop! Goes the Princess and You're My Lacquer Charm. Both were wonderful to work with to create this design, and they complement each other well.

The illusion the ring and index finger gets is definitely elongating too. I wish I'd done that design on my nubbin of a pinky!

Zippy Boyfriend Valentine

Happy belated Valentine's Day! I had this manicure on all day yesterday, but never the chance to edit and upload the pictures. Apologies for that, but maybe you can use this next year as inspiration.

The dripping heart and french tips were done using an awesome color from Zoya, Zippy. The base is My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this yesterday, so again, apologies for the late post. I'm also sorry for the empty week of posts. I've been busy with some wonderful nail art related business I hope to be able to share with you soon. Keep an eye on Pinterest and my other social media sites for some clues! ;)

(Apologies for the sad pinky as well. Sadly, what nails break in Vegas, stay in Vegas.)

Giveaway: LONDONTOWN kur Nail Treatment System

You may or may not have read my post a little while ago reviewing some LONDONTOWN kur products. I absolutely loved them, but was wary of the price point. 

Luckily, the lovely ladies of LONDONTOWN have teamed up with me to offer a giveaway to everyone. The prize is their complete Nail Treatment System, a $125 value. The system includes:
I would enter solely for the restorative nail cream and gloves, which I've worn on several terrible winter nights, and woken up with super-soft cuticles and hands.

Like I said, I absolutely adore these products!

Here's what you'll need to do to enter. This is only open to U.S. residents.
  1. Follow LONDONTOWN USA on Pinterest.
  2. Fill out the form below. 
    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Pinterest URL
  3. Do all of this by Friday, February 22.

A winner will be chosen randomly, and verification of the above requirements will be made.

The winner will receive the complete kur Nail Treatment System direct from LONDONTOWN!

Good luck to everyone!

Vegas 2013 Glitter Gradient

I'm gone for the weekend in Vegas with an awesome group of friends! I'm beyond excited! I did several of my friends' nails too, so I didn't have time for a full blinged out mani, but I love what I did do!

The real is Neely from the new Zoya Lovely collection, and the glitter gradient is done with I'm Not Lion from China Glaze.

Sation Limited V Candylandia Swatches and Review

Candyland is one of the all time classic board games. I don't know anyone who hasn't at least heard of it. It's simple, but kids love it because a) it's based on candy, b) it's bright, and c) it's easy.

It's not all rainbows, ponies and gumdrops in the game. There are characters that don't quite represent the yummy flavors most associate with candy, like Lord Licorice and Gloppy the Molasses Monster. (Molasses might as well be French to most kids, so he was changed to the chocolate monster instead in 2010.)

Sation's Candylandia collection epitomizes everything about the game. The joyful colors, the characters' names, and the locations on the board. I'm blown away by this collection. It's one of the bigger collections Sation has released since rebranding, and the colors are all very different from one another, and literally make up a rainbow of beautiful bottles.

I love this collection dearly (with a few complaints about formulas of some) and I'm beyond excited to be bringing you some of the first swatches.

So let's go down the rainbow, starting with one of the more murky colors.

I'm So Ogre It (4 coats) - I'd describe this best as putty, but something tells me it's associated with a Candy Land location, Molasses Swamp. It might also be those shape-able erasers you use when you're working with charcoal or pencil.  This was one of the thinner polishes in the collection, but as you can see, it builds nicely to create a creamy look, no problem.

Lollipop! Goes the Princess (2-3 coats) - Another good name for this outside of the Candylandia collection would be "Pinch Me Pastel", but the homage paid to Princess Lolly's iconic hair is spot on too. This is now one of my all time favorite colors, just in time for spring pastel season. Sort of lilac, sort of blue, it's almost a pastel periwinkle. I can't stand how gorgeous this is!

Super Nail-tural Powers (2 coats) - Sation's got some of the finest purples in the nation. I really do think that Super Nail-tural Powers does have some kind of magic behind it. The swatch you're seeing is slightly more indigo than it is in real life. The magic placed a spell on my camera. Is there a term for a dark neon? If there is, I'd say this is it. It's bright in its undertones, but not in its final result, which is why you're seeing what you're seeing on camera. Spell-binding indeed.

Paint Some Sugar on Me (3 coats) - Holy s@#! sparkles! Midnight blue jelly with awesome coverage and subtle sparkle. Could you ask for more? I suppose if it actually tasted like sugar, you'd love it even more, but other than that, Miss pretty much nailed it here. Note: I tasted my does not taste like sugar.

Cast a Spill On You (2 coats) - A blue of my dreams, with shimmer and an unreal formula to match. Seriously, this could be a 1-coater easily, and I'm curious to see if it's a good stamp polish for that reason. OMG that shimmer...and I don't usually like shimmer! I'm definitely entranced in this polish's spell!

Unicorns Are Teal (4 coats) - If the name of this polish is indicative of its formula, then it turns out unicorns are also very thin. Even after four coats, you can see my nail line, which sucks. No one likes to see lines underneath their outerwear. I should've worn my nail thong for this polish. It is a gorgeous teal though, so patience will reward you with a creamy teal, leaning more towards blue.

Plenty of Frogs (3 coats) - Surprise shimmer in an easter-grass green polish. If I had to pick any color out of an infinite crayon box to color my coloring book picture of a frog, it would be this. To make it a wet frog, I would add the shimmer, but I don't think there's a shimmer crayon currently available. (The color is more rich in life, and pops more against your skin color than it is in the image. What can I say, I haven't mastered the photography aspect yet.)

Abbacadazzle (4 coats) - Ok, so another thin polish desperately in need of a pair underneath. I stopped at four coats because I feel like beyond that, people just won't bother. Though the color of the yellow is wonderful, it's just too thin to be useful for much. Maybe a jelly sandwich? Or would it be a marmalade sandwich? Bummer too because I love yellows!

Peppermint Red (3 coats) - Valentine's Day is strewn with red. Red shelves in stores, red ink on love notes, red lipstick, red nail polish. This is the ultimate red to wear for Valentine's Day, being both rich and soft. The application was easy and soft, but the color itself is very rich. When I say it's soft, I mean the edges aren't chalky like some opaque polishes can be, so this blends effortlessly onto your nail, with the cadence of a beating heart. (Also...not peppermint flavored. Need to stop tasting my fingers.)

Queenie in a Bottle (3 coats) - Queenie's a beautiful magenta creme (as most of the polishes in the collection are). Jewels and velvet would be best compared to this color. It's also a beautiful pedicure color that would look great in a peep toe shoe! Queenie actually dries matte due to its bright neon pigments, but I've added a top coat (as I did with all these swatches) to make it glossy.

You're My Lacquer Charm (3 coats) - *cue music: Barbie Girl* I like warm hot pinks much better than cool hot pinks, and this warm hot pink is on fire! More hidden shimmer you can't see in the bottle at first glance, which strikes the surface of the nail in any light. Such a sweet color, in both senses of the word!

Chocolate Chip Resistant (3 coats) - Eating a tube of premade sugar cookie dough is terrible for your health, but it is one of the most indulgent things you can do for your heart. The texture of the uncooked dough and the tiny, glistening sugar crystals within are too delicious to resist. This color's akin to that feeling. It's lovely against my skin tone, and there are hints of shimmer in it, separating it from your typical nude.

In an attempt to not overload your sweet tooth, causing you unwanted visits to the dentist, I'm leaving you without nail art...for now. Obviously this collection begs to have nail art done with each and every color though, so fear not! We'll head down that delicious road soon enough!

For now, you'll have to curb your appetite though, or just satiate your hunger for these tasty treat by heading over to the Miss Professional Nail store, and picking up the collection yourself! Each bottle's only $5, and I definitely recommend picking them all up!

These products were sent to me by Miss Professional Nail. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.

Aspen Snow

The past two days at Vail, it has snowed 15 inches. This inevitably means skiing this weekend.

I didn't have time tonight to put together a review of some of the awesome things I have to share with you soon, so I just stuck to some fun, snow-inspired nail art.

These little aspens were actually inspired by a Kleenex box, of all things. That's the beauty of a camera phone...snap the inspiration before it's gone!

I used my favorite green, Posh from Revlon. The white is Purity (Zoya) and the little bark marks are Movie Star (Essence).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, whether skiing, swatching, or Super Bowling!