Literal Polka Dots

I couldn't get the idea of a neon yellow gradient out of my head all day. It's something I just felt I needed to do as soon as possible. So, I picked two of my all time favorite colors: Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (China Glaze) and My Boyfriend Scales Walls (OPI). I know I know, that damn greyish white has made several appearances recently (here, here, here and here), but it really deserves the spotlight. It's a perfect color.

I love the way it looks under the neon yellow. Neon yellow and grey go very well together somehow. Look at the Parsons school of design workroom this season on Project Runway:

I wanted to add something, but since I had done polka dots last night, I wanted to do something different, but keep it round.

The solution?

Literal polka dots...with rhinestones.

The trigger finger idea came about only because my supply of black rhinestones wouldn't have been enough to cover all 10 fingers. A nifty solution for the thrifty.

Gradiated Dots

I've seen and done a fair share of dotting manicures.

I've seen and done a fair share of gradient manicures.

I've seen a few dotting gradient manicures.

But this is the first I have personally seen with this type of separated fading using different size dots.

I dig it. Diggin' the dots.

Bonus: It's all done with Zoyas! The base is Farah, the darkest pink is Reagan, then Lara, and finally Shelby. I have so many pink Zoyas, and a fair amount of neutrals, so this seemed appropriate.

The technique is surprisingly simple. As someone mentioned, these past few manicures have featured my right hand, so I've been trying to keep them simple enough to look as clean as a left handicure would look. Of course, dots are about as easy as it comes.

Betsey Johnson-esque Roses

A design with rich colors, floral and a funky accent like dots just screams Betsey Johnson to me. So a mix of Sea Breeze (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri), Sugar High and Something Sweet (China Glaze) was perfect for this one. I think Betsey would be proud.

This is another easy design that everyone can do. Anything that looks good with little effort is primo in my book, especially when I have to photograph my right hand for you guys. Just wipe off the majority of the polish from the bottle's brush, and do a little dabbing. First dab your dark green leaves, then dab your flowers (darker pink and lighter pink) on top. The less polish on the brush the better. You can always add more.

Fly's Down

I almost always post my nails at night. It seems appropriate that a sultry, sexy manicure finally make an appearance. Let's unzip this design.

The beautiful plum on top of the layer is a new China Glaze, Purr-fect. I used this color the other night when I didn't have enough time for a design, and I'm definitely in love with it. Oh god it's so pretty.

Shimmer Polish Swatches and Review

If we have contact lenses available, why don't we have versions that offer sun protection, like sunglasses vs. glasses? It seems like it would make a lot of logical sense, though I guess the illusion on your actual iris.

If someone knows of this invention, please share it with the rest of your fellow readers. It's almost imperative you grab a pair before reading this post, full of swatches and reviews of seven gleaming polishes from Shimmer Polish.

I decided to use some undercoats for all of these polishes because I liked the way they looked with some contrasting and matching cremes underneath, but each and every one of these babies is potty-trained and free to take off the protective underwear at 3 coats. Try different base coats beneath your own versions though for some really interesting effects!

Here I tried one of the polishes, Jasmine, with a Color Club color, Pucci-licious.

For the sake of your brower's sanity, I'll bury these guys under a cut.

New Tutorial Available: Running Gradient

My Bleeding Blue nails were a big hit, and like I said, they're easy to accomplish. I've therefore updated the post with a tutorial for you to share.

Please link back to the blog if you repost the tutorial.


You can find this and all my other tutorials in the header of the blog anytime, in the Tutorials page.

Bleeding Blue

Tonight's nail art comes straight off of ColourLovers. It's a gorgeous gradient, but it's called melting. It actually looks like it is melting, and so do my nails.

The colors used were Load (Illamasqua), Rock-a-Guy Blue and Blue Sky's the Limit (Sation).

This was a really easy design to do. Just paint your base color, add messy stripes of your second color about half way down your nail, and then add some more on top of that near the top of the nail. Easy and effortless.

EDIT: 8/26/12 You can easily try this yourself. Follow this new tutorial for the exact steps and tools you'll need.

Scales and Snow

Another Hurricane Hectic hit Nailed It headquarters. I've been so unbelievably lucky to have experienced what I have, and met the people that I have. Unfortunately, that meant the blog fell by the wayside, but it's back, and there's glitter.

I got this design idea from A Girl and Her Polish. She just posted a similar design in her post, Sand Art in My Snow. I wanted to almost entirely imitate it, but when I opened up my drawer to pull out Sand Art, I ran into another sandy glitter polish. This one is from Naild'it Unique Polish, and it's called Vegas Sands. It's shocking how similar the two polishes are. I also decided to use My Boyfriend Scales Walls instead of Alpine Snow, keeping with the OPI theme.

Thanks for the idea girl!

Weakness for Waves

Here's a cute little cutout, done freehand, over a beach-themed gradient featuring the beauties of Little Horse on the Prairie, Blue Sky's the Limit and Prairie Fairy (Sation). My boyfriend Andy actually helped me pick out the colors for this one, grabbing inspiration from the trip to the local reservoir we were going to make an hour later. With only an hour to do the manicure and photograph it, I only had time to really do art on one nail, but it's a fun design that's really in-your-face, considering the finger I chose to use it on. The silky black used for the sandy backdrop is Black Onyx (OPI).

Guest Post at Sweet Sugar

I've been guested over at Sweet Sugar. The lovely Gwenn has a busy few weeks ahead of her, so I was asked to put up a design for her. Go check it out here for all the details!

Striped Skittle Gradient

The colors used for this manicure were plentiful. 15 different bottles from several different brands, with the common denominator, Lime Crime. You get the best of two worlds: skittles and gradients. Cheating at gradients with stripes is something I've wanted to try recently, and this one was pretty great! It probably took longer than a regular gradient since I did both hands and the non-dom is less than perfect and steady, but like I said, the best of two worlds. The best!

I'll happily edit this post with each polish color if you're interested, but for now, let's just bask in the polish bath I've set up. What a magical place!

Worship the Bee

I finally got Humble Bee! Ninja Polish opened up some inventory, and I happened to see the tweet before they ran out. It's moments like that I'm so thankful I switched from calculator to smart phone.

Here's the beautiful Bee (Nail-Venturous Lacquers) over Sun Worship-Her (Sation). It's everything I've ever wanted in a glitter polish. I couldn't be happier!

Showing Love for Color Club

If you catch up with Nailed It on Instagram, you saw a photo I posted last week of a manicure I just didn't have the energy to post on the blog with the proper editing. I had a few questions about the purple color, and I wholeheartedly believe this one needs its own post.

I think the color is called Mrs. Robinson, from the Color Club Poptastic collection. This is another Ross find, that comes in a mysteriously unlabeled package, but a Google search turned up swatches of this color that are spot on, so this seems to be the best guess.

Isn't it sick? It's so bright, and that's two coats, without any white undercoat. Just two flat coats of Mrs. Robinson.

I had to show it some love with some itty bitty hearts. Cute!

Dying to get your hands on this? Here's a spot that's selling it!


What is a ikat? Is it a hipster feline who's so lovingly given himself the pet name iKat as an homage to his iPhone?

Is it the latest model of slotted furniture from the Ikea warehouse?

Do frenemies "ikat" one another?

Nope. None of those. It's a pattern sweeping the nation.

Light green base is Light Green (Love & Beauty/Forever 21). The pattern's a mix of Steady as She Rose (OPI) and Milky Ways (Lime Crime).

Encounter Exotic Stripes

I've got some spiffy nail art tonight, using two colors from the China Glaze On Safari collection.

I used two colors I was really excited about when press releases first popped up on blogs last year, Desert Sun and Exotic Encounters. They definitely belong in the same collection, so I thought they probably belonged in the same nail art piece. The uneven stripes were drawn freehand with Black (Color Madric).

Unfortunately, my top coat is getting a little thick so I dented a few spots as I was setting up my camera and lights. Lesson learned there: get everything out that you will need beforehand! I hadn't even thought that I'd need to do camera set ups first, but it makes sense.

Sation Little Horse on the Prairie Collection Review

How y'all doin'? I've fallen off the horse lately, kickin' up my boots at various concerts and good times, but I'm ready to get back into the saddle and paint this town red...or at least this blog.

I wanted to kick off the return to the rodeo with a new and gorgeous collection from Miss Professional Nail's signature line Sation called Little Horse on the Prairie. Here's the low down on the collection straight from the source:

Little Horse features six shades with a clever mix of hot-to-trot names, developing pigments that radiate the sun's vital energy and the sky's fade-to-black process:
  • Sun Worship-Her rises and shines with a red-orange scorcher that is front and center this season.
  • Rock-a-Guy-Blue is a tough-tinted shade that offers a raw replication of a midnight sky.
  • Cut to daybreak with Blue Sky's the Limit, a uniquely uplifting blue reminiscent of a clear summer day.
  • Weed out the Wimps offers a whimsical, woodsy green, and a tribute to frolicking barefoot on miles of grassland.
  • The barn door bursts open with Ring Around the Horsie, a rich, roughed-up rose tone that transitions seamlessly into Fall.
  • Little Horse rounds out the collection with Prairie Fairy, a flesh-flattering peaches-and-cream that adds a touch of femininity, inspired by earth goddesses everywhere.

The Miss Pro team says it's totally inspired by the shades painted by mother nature in the surrounding environment. Once you get a glimpse of these, you'll see why. Giddy up!

Sun Worship-Her is first. It really is a red-orange stunner. It sticks out like a sore thumb in the collection because it's so unmuted, but it's in no way a choice I would leave out. I love it so much!

Rock-a-Guy-Blue was really exciting to apply. The first coat showed some exciting undertones. They're teal! So it's a deep, dark blue-teal. (I'd be terrible at naming Crayons.) I imagine this is what the deep ocean looks like, but we'll have to wait for James Cameron to give us an HD expedition before we know for sure.

Blue Sky's the Limit is my favorite. What a color! It really is sky blue. The beautiful kind of dark-light blue that rolls in right before a storm.

Here's Weed out the Wimps. Grassy and natural and beautiful.

Ring Around the Horsie: the brown-red, dark barn color. It seems darker on my nails than it does in the bottle. The firehouse would be painted the same as this bottle's color.

Prairie Fairy isn't just another nude. It teeters a little on nude and pink, and I think which side it falls on depends on the skin tone behind the nail.

I'm thrilled with every color! The finishes are all shiny and beautiful, and application was effortless in two to three coats.

The nail art for the collection was a given, especially after seeing the nautical nails done by Hey, Nice Nails! I roped in my favorite color, Rock-a-Guy Blue for this rope design.

You can buy this collection sometime in August from Miss Pro Nail at their website here. Shipping is international you'll be happy to know, and bottles are $5.00.

These products were sent to me by Miss Professional Nail. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.

Electric Feel

This week will prove to be sparse for Nailed It posts, so I apologize for that. The schedule holds two concerts, a double-header kickball game and some visiting friends. Nail polish has no choice but to take a backseat. I've set up my VCR to record my bottles' favorite shows so they don't get lonely while I'm away. The automatic feeder is set to dispense every twelve hours so they don't go hungry. I've also put a few extra blankets out in case the weather gets cold and the bottles start to clatter as they shiver.

No, not really.

I will be busy though, so here's a manicure that may have to tide you over until the weekend or beginning of next week. Both polishes are China Glaze: Flip Flop Fantasy and I Herd That. I added the chevrons with Black (Color Madric). Gotta love the trigger pistol accent!

Again, I'm so sorry that I'll be missing in acetone-action for a bit, but I promise I'll be having fun, and there are good things to come!

Model City Polish Jelly Review

I've seen plenty of jelly sandwiches on the web. It's usually a mix of glitter and some polish that's sheer to some degree. Recently, one of my fellow Lacqueristas approached me about reviewing some of her own newly created jellies from her shop, Model City Polish. She forwarded me four little bitty jelly bottles from her new collection to review.

This is my first time working with jellies that are this sheer...seriously sheer. Too sheer for my liking to be honest, but that's a personal preference. They require a lot of building to get a nice even color. Not necessarily a solid color, just an even color. You're not going to get a solid color with these. They're built to be sheer and clear...and under control.

Outside of my personal opinion, the polishes are relatively easy to work with. I was worried they would be too thick with all the glitter they're packed with, but that wasn't the case. These polishes also dried quickly. Of course, the more coats I added, the longer it took to dry, but one coat only took a few minutes. They actually dried a little matte as well, but the top coats I added shined them right on up.

Let's get to it!

First up is Yum Yum Bumble Bee. Appropriate name for a yellow polish with black bits. Shown is four coats.

You can tell how sheer it is because my nail lines are still visible. Except for my pinky, which is sad and pitiful after breaking off after a hike to the top of the flatirons. I apologize for its lack of length. This'll be good though, we can see how long it takes for a nail to grow back.

Next up is PB & J Nail Polish. I had originally wanted to use this for my nail art, but it didn't turn out as jellylicious as I'd hoped, so I used something else, which you'll see in a bit. I believe this was either 3 or 4 coats.

That's Ms. Cocky to You is the next jelly. I liked this one more than I'd expected. It reminds me of the sea. But not the real sea. The sea that you see in Disney movies. Ariel would swim all up in this sea. (Four coats.)

The final color is my favorite in the bunch. It's a pretty pinky red jelly and wound up being the contestant that won out for the nail art of this review: Strawberry Jam Polish.

This one had the best 'jelly' effect, hiding the glitter beneath it's color. That's what I look for in jellies, and it's the one that does it best. That's Ms. Cocky to You does it too, but not as well. This is four coats.

If you want to get the full effect of jellies, you really need to put them in a jam jar. That's exactly what I did with the nail art.

YUM! Looks good doesn't it? (Except for the pinky. Just stop looking at it.)

So that's Model City Polish jellies for you! Jellies aren't for everyone, just as the shoes weren't, but they do have a particular appeal and I definitely like a few of them, namely Strawberry Jam Polish and That's Ms. Cocky to You.

You can pick all of them up at Nina's Etsy shop, Model City Polish.

These products were sent to me by Model City Polish. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.

Born Pretty m-59 Lovely Heart Stamp Review

The marathon of reviews continues with another Born Pretty pretty. There's plenty of pretty out there in nail world, but nothing feels quite as pretty as a girly bow. Okay...maybe pink, scented, kitten shaped glitter would be prettier...or at least girlier. But bows are up there. At least top ten.

The m-59 plate is a great stamp if you're looking for bows. It comes with not one but two bows for you to choose from (and these aren't duplicates).

It also gives you 4 different hearts to choose from and two different snow flakes. For this, it's one of those versatile but useable plates I'll come back to when I'm looking to quickly spice up a manicure. For this manicure using Light as Air and Sugar High (China Glaze), I just wanted to use the bow.

I used the solid (as opposed to the polka dot) bow to add accents to the tips of my nails tonight. The design picked up like a dream, even with my chunked up, post-Thanksgiving dinner Black on Black (Sinful Colors). Lately my stamping attempts have been awful and annoying--designs not transferring, partial images being picked up, dragging issues, and scratched plates. I was fully prepared for a long night of retrying each finger to get it right, but I didn't have to redo a single one. (Yes, my middle finger may have benefited from a do-over, but that's an alignment issue, not an image transfer issue.)

Compared to my last experience with a Born Pretty plate, this was flawless. The designs are all carved deeply and with nice detail. I didn't have to retry anything to get the right results, and the plate fits nicely with the rest of my plates (Bundle Monster, Red Angel, Konad). If you're looking for a pretty plate, grab this one. It's cheap at $2.99 and the designs are all not only cute, but useable. When wouldn't you need a heart or a bow? And for winter, snowflakes can look amazing with some metallic polishes.

Pick up your plate here and get free shipping. If you're looking to spend even less than $2.99, why not use a 10% off coupon? I just so happen to have one for you to use any time, as many times as you'd like!

This product was sent to me by Born Pretty. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.