The Glitter So Nice, I'll Show You Twice

Yesterday's speedy little manicure left some unanswered questions, so I wanted to show the glitter I used today as well. I was not upset about having to put the glitter on again because I LOVE it. Love it. Please please indie brands out there, give us more tiny glitter-chunky glitter variations.

This is Crow from Polished Perfection. What else is there to say about it besides how fantastic it is? You get some gold pieces with holographic reflection and the matte black tiny glitters. It adds something beautiful to any manicure, but I liked yesterday's color, Decades of Dysfunction, more than today's A-Taupe the Space Needle (OPI).

A Quickie

Ok...apologies in advance. I don't know the names of either of these polished as I was rushing out the door but still wanted to post. So here you go!

Chevrons for Chloe

I got to do another lady's hands today! Special occasions always call for a special treatment, and my good friend Chloe wanted her treatment for the eve of her birthday to be a manicure done by yours truly. Ever eager to paint on canvases that aren't my own, I gladly accepted!

She wanted something to the tone of Marina's tribal nails, using three of her favorite colors. If you know her, you already know what those three colors are: coral, teal, and gold. As I was sketching up an idea, we both liked the way chevrons sans-tribal print looked that we decided to do that as the trigger pistol accent. Have a look!

The nude base is Did You Ear About Van Gogh? (OPI), the peach is Peachy Keen (China Glaze), the greenish teal is Jade (Avon), the gold for the tips is A Show at the Palladium (Wet n' Wild Chrome), and the gold chunky glitter for the base of the three nails is Set the Stage (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear). We loved it!

All About Nailed It Color

Yesterday a fairly large sized fire broke out in Boulder due to a lightning strike. It's another fire to add to the growing list of those burning through Colorado. We're okay, and the fire fighters are really doing a great job of staying on top of it. Unfortunately with the wind and growing lightning, it's not out and barely under any control. Let's hope it gets under control quickly and that everyone stays safe.

On a brighter note, here's a very me-manicure.

These colors scream Katy, I just wish I knew exactly what they were called. I picked up these three and four others from Ross in a set for $7.99, but as with all Color Clubs at Ross, there's no labels. The box they came in says "All About Color", but that doesn't seem to be a legit collection. After more looking, the colors seem to be from the POPtastic: Color that Pops! collection. So I'll use those color names here.

The yellow is Almost Famous, the green is Twiggie, and the purple is Pucci Licious. I went a little crazy, but I love it!

Pretty Little Poppies

I think I've found the next best Nailed-It-Nail-Polish. I absolutely love this soft pastel blue color. It's from Avon, called Vintage Blue. It does look a bit vintage. I'm not sure if 50s is considered vintage yet, but it is to me. The Tupperware, the porcelain, the phones, the toasters, the dresses. But it also looks great with some little poppies.

Wedding for the Weekend

I apologize for not posting yesterday. There's been a huge swarm of events engulfing my life recently, and I just didn't have the time to post.

I did however create two manicures, which you'll get to enjoy today. One was on my own nails, while the other was for a newly married friend, Barbara. This weekend I painted her nails for the gorgeous and perfect wedding to her new husband Ron. I offered to help set up the wedding when some important family matters came up with their original wedding planner and my good friend Chloe. So with wedding beauty and planning came little time for posts.

I had to rush to do my nails the morning before preparation began, so I chose a simple manicure with a new color to my collection, Dutch Tulips (OPI). On a side note, I made an unbelievable discovery on Friday when we stumbled upon a nail supply store in Denver called Mile High Nail Supply. With a patient boyfriend in tow, I quickly bought up seven new OPI shades, all for $3.75 each. If you're reading Nailed It on Instagram, you've already seen my excitement in the form of this framed up pic:

Dutch Tulips is the non-metallic red, though it actually is a bit more pink in life. It's stunning. I can't stand it.

So with little time, I slapped on two coats of that and then added some dainty little dots.

Barbara had her own idea for a manicure after she saw Mixed Mama's Valentine's Day manicure on Pinterest. We got together about a week beforehand to discuss the polish choices and the details of what I'd be doing on the day of the wedding, and she chose Pink Imagination (Finger Paints) as the base for her heart manicure.

Appropriately, she wanted the heart on her left hand's ring finger. It turned out beautifully, and the wedding even more so. After vows, rings and kisses were exchanged, the fun began and we danced and laughed all night. Those two are going to have a wonderful life together! Congratulations to the happy newly weds!

As an added bonus, here's a picture of Barbara with her beauty team: Anne and I. Anne worked tirelessly all day to not only do the bride's hair (which you can see is amazing), but also her bridesmaids.

Nail Art: How to Cheat Splatters

The colors I normally prefer to wear have really been embraced lately. Neon is in and I'm thoroughly thrilled about it. Not just neon...but the coupling of neon and bold colors. Maybe it's because I grew up watching Nickelodeon cartoons where my favorite characters were all outlined in black. Angry Beavers, Spongebob and now Family Guy. I love to laugh and I've had a lot of laughs watching or talking about those shows. My college roommate Nick and I really bonded over our love of cartoons.

Oh...I'm getting nostalgic, let's talk about nail polish.

How did I begin that cartoon-Sunday diatribe? Oh that's right...neon and bolds. Check out today's manicure now!

You've got a bright but dark blue base polish from Savina, Caribbean, a center diamond of Happy Go Lucky (China Glaze) and Summer Lovin' (Lush Lacquer) splattered on each nail. The consistency and size of the glitter in Summer Lovin' replicates a neon splatter doesn't it?

Nugget's V-Gap

Have you met Nugget? She's pretty great. She's just over a year old, full of life, and I think she may have an extra pair or two of vocal chords. She'll remind you if you've forgotten about dinner, and will do just about anything to get to food. She's a tiny thing, weighing in at 7.4 lbs., but I guarentee you, you've never met a cat like her. I love her.

When I got my order of Avon polishes from my friend Tammy this morning, I was surprised.

I swear I didn't choose these shades intentionally, but how good do they all look with one another? I wanted to use the brown polishes tonight, and after looking at them, I noticed that they looked like Nugget! So I give you, my Nugget V-Gap!

I used four colors for this guy. I started with Beige Blast (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri), Nomadic Nude (Color Club), Vintage Boutique (Avon), and Forbidden Fudge (Avon). It's all freehand, and I used the brushes that came in the bottles. I absolutely adore this, and so does Nugget.

Fun in the Sun

After being out in the sun all day, playing in the water, laying on the docks, and having a few beers at the Boulder Res, I'm wiped. Past-me was smart enough to take a picture of my pre-water manicure for future-me though, so my manicure looks as new as the moment it was completed. Probably because this was taken the moment it was completed.

I used Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (China Glaze) and Eutopia (L.A. Girl). I was loving this manicure, especially with my bright pink toes I had. I'll spare you toe pictures, because that's not what you're here for. Plus, after a day in the sun, in flip flops, they're less than appealing. Even the cold shower I tried to fool myself with couldn't take away the effects the heat left on my skin. Hopefully it's all just a beautifully, glowing base tan in the making.

Yes. It's June. And I'm getting a base tan. Don't judge me.

Senorita Goldie Shake

I've got another pistol/trigger accent mani for you! I had to do a short and sweet manicure as I rush out the door. It's crazy how often that seems to be happening nowadays.

The three fingers are done with Master Shake (Daring Digits). The gold is Zoya's Goldie and the purple is Senorita Bonita (China Glaze).

I usually steer wide and clear of metallics, but I don't mind these. The streaky white effect you get with Master Shake still bugs me, and I didn't have time to fix it using Leslie's sponging technique. It's still a pretty little polish color though. I matched the two accent fingers to the glitters inside it almost perfectly!

Manicure...Nailed It!

I've been asked by a few people how my daily nail-y routine goes, so I've put together this post with each step I typically go through when I do my nails.

I'd like everyone reading this to take into consideration the fact that I am not a professional, nor have I had any training...ever. I've gotten one manicure in my life, and only been inside of a nail salon about five times in my life. What you're about to read is all my personal opinion concerning giving yourself a manicure, and so far, it's worked out well for me. I've gathered tips from other girls including Kayla, Lauren, Michèle and Amy Grace and compiled their techniques together to create my own. I fully expect you all to adapt these into your own.

With that in mind, here's my typical routine for a one color manicure, with my typical products. (If there's enough interest, I'd be happy to show everyone my setup for more difficult manicures.)

Lay out your tools. All of your tools. My tools are shown below, and are pulled out and returned to their place inside my Helmer each time I do a manicure. I can't stress enough the importance of being organized if you're going to do your nails. Leaving your polish all over your house won't just drive you nuts when you can't find the right color, but it may be driving your roommates even more crazy, noxious fumes aside. It may seem odd that I have two different containers for nail polish remover, but that's no accident. It helps me keep organized without ruining my manicure during cleanup. Staying organized is the biggest piece of advice I can offer to you.

I live in a teeny apartment, so all of these products are actually on a side table to my right when I'm 'curining, but assuming your space is larger, you'll find a desk or table much more user-friendly. Sometimes if that isn't working, I'll bundle everything up in my towel and take it outside. That is of course assuming there isn't a raging Boulder thunderstorm or gale-force winds pounding the patio. I use:
  • A sink (not pictured)
  • Soap
  • A nail brush
  • A washcloth (used only for nail painting)
  • Target's Nail Polish Remover Dip-It Tub
  • A small glass paint jar full of 100% acetone
  • A slanted paint brush
  • Q-tips and cotton balls (or pads)
  • An emery board
  • Cuticle remover gel
  • Metal cuticle pusher
  • Cuticle balm
  • Lotion
  • Basecoat
  • Polish(es)
  • Topcoat

You need to remove all of the excess polish on your nails. My favorite tactic for this involves this handy little tub (left) from Target (originally seen on DizzyNails). You won't believe the scrubbing power of these babies, and you won't look back once you use it. The time and energy it saves me is priceless. I can have all my polish off, even glitters, in 2 minutes or less with this tub. If I didn't have it, I wouldn't post everyday. I can't consistently sit down and remove polish with disintegrating cotton balls. If you can get over the fact that you need to plunge your fingers in and out of the pink, rubbery bristles, then you should buy this product. (I can't even begin to tell you how many innuendos have been thrown around during removal using this tub.)

Don't have the tub? That's okay. You can still do your nails so wipe that forlorn look off your face. You will have to do slightly more manual labor, but not much if you take my advice. The best piece of advice I have for anyone frustrated about the idea of painting their nails is to invest in a bottle of 100% acetone.

"What kind of remove should I use Katy?" 100% acetone.
"Should I get remover that says it has acetone in it along with some moisturizer?" No. Get 100% acetone.
"But Katy, I tho..." NO! 100% acetone!

The time it takes to remove nail polish, including black nail polish, is cut down to a tiny fraction when you use 100% acetone. Just soak a cotton pad in acetone and get to work.

Now, here's the thing about 100% acetone. It zaps your skin and nails of any moisture they were retaining. You'll watch your skin turn into an ashen, zombie color. So, with that in mind, let's move on to step 2.

To get rid of zombie fingers, you absolutely need to wash your hands and nails with some soap and water. I use the nail brush to ensure that every part of my nail and skin is touched with the soap and water. Protip: Run your scrubbing brush under the warm water before you start scrubbing. It softens the bristles. The kind of soap I use varies, but it's never anything special. Generic or brand name, expensive or cheap, the choice is yours, but ensure you're scrubbing thoroughly around all parts of your hand including your cuticles, knuckles, and under your nails. (Enviro-tip: Please turn the water off if your hands are not under it.)

Now that you've fully removed your old polish and cleaned away the chemical warfare the acetone inflicted on your fingers, you're ready to shape.

Next, I file my nails.  

File them. Never clip them.

Letting them grow too long inevitably results in breakage. My nails are thin, so the shorter, the better. I fantasize about the day when my nails will look like some of the blogger girls out there, but alas, my fate is sealed.

There are lots of different types of files out there, and I've tried several. I've used your typical run of the mill $0.99 metal file, newfangled double-direction metal files, glass files, and cardboard emery boards (all shown above). After reading what Kayla had to say about different levels of grit in files, I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and picked up a board with a grit of 240.

I prefer this board because not only does the grit feel soft on my nail, but the pliability of the board itself makes filing easier for me.

You'll want to file in one direction. It takes some practice to get that right, and can be tricky from some angles, but stay patient and give it time. If you rush it, you'll over-file, or file at a wonky angle, and then you'll wind up shorter than you'd anticipated. So be patient. Put on some Enya if you need to, just stay calm and take your time.

I like to keep the lengths of my nails to be about even with each other. If this means filing them all to be short if one breaks off, so be it. Again, shorter is better in my case, and nowadays, they're usually about this length:

 Happy with the length? Then you've just leveled up!

Let's get off all the extra cuticle around your eponychium (learn more about the difference between the cuticle and eponychium at Nevorpurify's Nail Art). Lauren recommended using Sally Hansen's Instant Cuticle Remover gel. I love the stuff, and use it every time I remove. Shame on me for not following the directions though.

This step is not something I do each time I do my nails. Just sometimes. Maybe twice a month, or whenever I'm feeling like my cuticles are extra gross. If you don't do this step, just push your cuticles back with a regular, rubber cuticle pusher, like this one.

I'll apply the gel to all the nails on one hand. I coat all edges of my nail, including the portion under my nails. Then, using the metal cuticle pusher (shown right) from Revlon, I'll scoop the gel out from under my nails, and wipe it on the towel shown earlier. Towels are great. Good call, Douglas Adams. I like to use a towel here because I can drape it over my lap like a napkin when I'm in public at dinner. Quickly wipe the cuticle pusher on it without thinking. Repeat for each finger.

Once all the gel is gone from under the nails of the first hand, use the scoop-side of the pusher again and trace the edges of my nails, getting off the excess goop and wiping it on the towel as I go. Wipe your nails clean on your towel, and repeat this process on your other hand.

Wash and scrub. (Do you still have your fingerprints?) This time, add lotion, so your hands don't dry out while you patiently paint your nails. (I talk more about lotion later in this post.) Try to avoid getting much, if any on your nails. Just lube up your skin so it's not yelling at you while you paint. You want them to be totally clean for this next step.

Apply your favorite base coat. Lately, I've been using Miracle Nail Thickener from Sally Hansen. It's not a strong adhesion base coat, so don't use this if you want your manicure to last. It does claim to provide better benefits for the health of the nails though. Thicker is better and I need it, so I chose this. Since I change polish so often, I don't care how long the polish lasts. I'd rather improve the health of my nails. I've also used Nutra Nail Thickener with green tea antioxidants and Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle. They're all supposed to provide some sort of benefit to your nails, whether it be strengthening or growth.

Here's the routine: paint the left hand, then the right hand.

After applying the base coat to my right hand, I start painting my polish color on right away. Base coats don't take long to dry, so don't waste too much time waiting for it get ultra dry. Admit it, saving time wherever you can is essential to life. After all, we've got chocolate to eat. Don't fight your hormones, and paint on. 

I use the exact same technique Michèle shows here, so please visit her "How I Paint My Nails" post to get the technique down. Your first layer of polish should be done very slowly and carefully until you have gained enough practice to go quickly without messing up. The more care you take to avoid getting polish on your skin now, the less cleanup you'll have to do later, and the happier you'll be. The layers of polish after your first layer won't need to be as close to the edges of your nail, so you can speed up after layer #1.

Paint one layer on your left hand, paint one layer on your right hand, then return to the left hand to paint your second layer. Keep your layers thin. In this case, if you try to rush, you'll wind up wasting time. So save time by taking time. (Deep, man.) It's much better to have several thin layers than one thick goopy one. It may seem more time consuming, but when your polish gets dented from chunky layers, you'll understand why it's recommended you do thin layers. Repeat as many times as necessary to get to your desired coverage. This may be 4 times for the sheers. That's okay.

Stay calm.
Keep breathing.
You're almost done!

Time to clean up. If you are just beginning, you've probably got more cleaning up to do, in which case you should use Q-tips. They can clean up large amounts of polish before you need to grab a new one, and work better for really messy areas away from your edges. So get a bunch of extra color off, but don't get too close to your nails just yet.

Once you've only got a little bit of tidying up to do close to the actual nail, grab a stiff paint brush (shown) or eyeliner brush for cleanup (Amy Grace recommends this as well). My paint brush says it's 1/8". Dip it in your 100% acetone. I've heard people using their nail polish remover lids as their dipping trays, but I know myself. I'm too clumsy and will spill when trying to pour the polish into the cap. You'll save your table's varnish if you follow my recommendations. I visited Micheal's (U.S. craft store) and picked up a small glass jar in the paint aisle. I have a feeling it's for fancy paint mixing, but for me it's the perfect acetone container. You can always get a bigger one, but I wanted mine to be small so I could store it in my Helmer easily.

Dip your brush in the acetone, and wipe a little of the excess off on the rim of the jar or your towel. Then, paint the polish mistakes away with your remover. You may have to go over the same spot several times, each with a new dip in the polish remover, and a fresh wipe on the towel to remove excess remover and polish you've picked up. Patience, yet again, is a virtue. But I guarantee you, if you clock the time it takes with nail polish remover, and then the time it takes with acetone, you'll be amazed.

Know what else is amazing? The fact that you're almost done.

Finish your manicure with a top coat. If you're like me, you've already waited long enough for polish layers to dry, so invest in a quick drying top coat like Seche Vite or Fast Forward Top Coat from China Glaze. You won't have to wait long to move on to the next step if you use something quick drying, and the chocolate will be ever closer.

You've reached your final step. Your journey has come to an end. Once you've let your top coat dry completely, you will wash your hands one final time. Towel dry thoroughly, patting your hands on the towel to ensure you don't drag any missed wet polish around your nails.

To protect your hands and really feel luxurious about your new manicure, you will absolutely need to add some lotions to your hands. It's your choice whether you use cuticle balm before lotion, however, I do, and I always use Burt's Bees Lemon Butter cuticle cream. I've heard amazing things about Lemony Flutter from Lush cosmetics, but Burt's is so readily available and cheap that it's become my favorite. It doesn't hurt that it smells so good I could easily resort to using it as chapstick and eventually eat it.

When it comes to lotion, use anything you like! Lately, I've been using Burt's Bees Milk and Honey body lotion. You only need about a pea-sized amount of lotion, regardless of the brand, to cover your hands. Much more and you'll wind up a greasy mess, leaving your mark grease mark on every door handle and loveable household pet you touch.

Rub everything in really well, and voila! Your manicure is complete, and your hands are happy.

So see? You don't need professional tools to get a good manicure, and it doesn't take more than half an hour once you get the hang of it. Stick with it, take your time, and turn on some good music or television while you work. (If Spotify is available in your country, you need it.) You'll often find me drinking a tasty beer while I'm painting my nails, and there's no rule that each step needs to be done immediately after the preceding step (except for washing your hands after using nail polish remover).

Don't think of it as a chore and enjoy!

Pop Tart Nail Art

I've got another Etsy find for you tonight, this time from Lacquer Convention. This polish is called Pop Tart. I bet you'll never guess where I got my inspiration from for the design. It's tricky and it really requires some serious thought, so for all of you who are going to wake up in the morning and see this post, you better rub the sleep out of your eyes and de-fog your brains to understand the concept behind this.

Lies! Filthy lies! It's pretty damn obvious what the inspiration was...the polish's name! I decided to literally make my nails into Pop Tarts using Pop Tart. The base is Sand Tropez (Essie).

I apologize for another diet-busting, munchy-enducing manicure, but a girl's gotta get her fix somewhere!

Coming Soon: FAQs

I'll be putting up an FAQ page on the blog soon.

I'd love to hear some of your questions to add to the growing list of reader questions I already have running.

They're Grrradients!

There should probably be a monument erected in Sammy's honor, because her gradient tutorial has proved to be the easiest, most consistent gradient tutorial I've tried, and the results absolutely speak for themselves.

I'm so pleased with mine! I used Caribbean (Savina) and Plum Truffle (CND) for my gradient. I really wanted to add something as a great topper, so I went with Asbestos (Windestine). It's one of my favorite glitters. I love that the glitters are all small and all the same size and color. I'll be getting a few back up bottles as soon as they come out, especially with the unbelievably professional service provided by Freda.

Thank you both for a very happy pair of hands tonight!

Dotstival and Blog Renovation

If you haven't already noticed, I made some changes to the blog today. Major renovation! I'd love your feedback about things, especially load times. I hate waiting for a blog to load when all I want to do is look at the pictures and read the newest post, so if you're experiencing any pain reading mine, let me know. Just as has been the case in the past, everything was designed by me. Do you like the added thumb ring touch on the fist?

After spending so long on the blog, I didn't have much time for nails, so I did a stippling manicure. The beautiful green is Navigate Her (Essie). I've had that sitting in a drawer for too long, so I needed to use it. It compliments my skin tone beautifully!

Today, Kayla featured me on her blog as well. I was surprised to see a rise in readers, but when I checked my news feed, I saw it was because she had used Nailed It as her blog of the month of May. I was delighted! Go check out the wonderfully nice things she had to say about my work. It's a pretty major milestone for me, to see one of the blogs I have so fondly read for so long actually give me kudos. Hard work pays off.

Birthday Cake and Beautiful Bows

Quick post!

Freehand bows over Birthday Cake (Lush Lacquer). I layered Birthday Cake over Light As Air (China Glaze) because I wanted to save as much as I could. I also put a very thin layer of Marshmallow (Essie) over everything because I liked the glitter to appear less shiny, like it looks in the bottle.

This is dedicated to Bree! I thought it appropriate to use Birthday Cake on her birthday! Happy birthday girl!!!

Wish Upon a Star-an Wrap

I'm sorry I didn't post last night. My finger took a beating from an 8 pound dumbbell. It was not pretty. It still isn't, but I've decided to use Photoshop instead of the more common Western medicine approach. Though clinically unproven, the effects are remarkable!

I wanted to use my Saran wrap technique again. I used Lila (Savina) and No Room for the Blues (OPI) for the colors. It made a nice periwinkle mix, reminiscent of Secret Agent Lila. I topped that with Wish Upon a Star (Polish Rehab). I got lucky with the stars on a few of my fingers. It's hard to see them in the bottle, and to be honest, I forgot they were in there. It was a nice surprise when they came out on my nails.

Pretty cute, and a nice way to spice up a manicure. Solid colors and glitter are great, but I need more!

Cooooookie Crisp Lines

I'm back! Inspiration struck...and stuck! I'll often think up a manicure, love it in my head, and then as soon as I sit in my polishing chair, hate it or try to think of something else. I don't know why I psyche myself out like that, but it'll often result in a poorly thought out or poorly executed design. Not tonight! Tonight...we've struck gold! White gold!

I wanted to use my new TheHungryAsian polish, Cookies & Cream. (I've decided to change the way I display polish names from being italicized to bold, for easier readability.) I took her advice and used an opaque white underneath, White On (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear). I'm not even sure how I came up with the idea for the stripes, but they worked out perfectly! I used Light Mist (Savina), Papaya Punch (China Glaze) and my small striping brush from Color Madric, Black. I got the crisp lines using tape. Good ole tape.

Belieb Me, I'm Plum Tuckered Out!

This was a struggle getting this post together before the night's end. I'm sorry it's nothing exciting. I hardly have anything to say about it.

One thing I will say is that the brushes on CND polishes are awesome! I didn't realize how much I liked them until I looked at my hands after applying Plum Truffle and saw that EUREKA! There was hardly any polish on my actual fingers to clean up! Almost all of it wound up on the nails where it was supposed to. You can try to chalk that up to practice and a steady hand, but the brush was a much bigger factor than I thought it ever would be.

A good brush and a sick formula? CND's pushing its way into my heart. Or at least the part of my heart that supports nail polish. I would say there's a part of my brain that does too, but that's probably been dissolved with the polish fumes by now.

Oh, by the way, the silver glitter on top is a Bieber polish, Make U Smile (Nicole by OPI). (Why the "U" Beibes? Why not just use the other two letters in the word?)

Wet n' Wild Chrome Collection Swatches

Today's a swatch post. Look away now if that's not what you came for.

I'm showing you the Wet n' Wild Chrome collection. I grabbed these 8 polishes at Walgreens for $3.99 a piece. I admit, that's a little pricey for only being 8.5 mL instead of your normal 15 mL, but the colors rock. 

There are 8 colors in the collection and I have to admit something to you guys right now. I did a very true-to-blog thing with these. I bought them solely so I could review them for you. I barely looked at the colors, just saw that there was one of each and grabbed each and every one of them! There I said it! I DID IT FOR YOU GUYS! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Let's start.

First up is Steel the Spotlight. It's the silver in the collection. This one had the lightest application, which makes sense, so I had to use two coats for this swatch.

Next is A Show at the Palladium, the gold. I had to look up what exactly the Palladium was, and I'm still not sure I know to which one they're referring to. My guess is it's not referring to the Palladium Lounge, one of the public rooms on the cruise ship Carnival Destiny.

Penny for Your Thoughts is the copper. How appropriate that it be named that! On a side note, why does the new United States penny remind me a lot of Captain America?
I can't be the only one thinking it can I?
Source for Captain America poster
and shield penny

Ok now here's Precious Petals. A nice, deep rosy pink.

You're going to love the name for this purple-silver chrome: Hog-Quartz School. Ha ha! Can you imagine going to a school like Hogwarts...but instead of just magic, there's nail polish too? Oh good lord that would be epic.
Would this polish be called Gryffindorable?
Source for Gryffindor crest

Anyone from Baltimore read my blog? If so, you'll like this name: Grew Up in Cobalt-imore.

Stay Outta My Bismuth is another one I like. Now try one thing for me. Read that out loud and try not to sound like you have a lisp. OK, I just tried it. It's actually not hard at all.

I Got a New Com-pewter is a chrome I've never had, or thought I wanted. A lime green chrome requires a special pair of cojones to wear. I guess I have cojones.

My favorite part about these after swatching them is their names.  I Got a New Com-pewter and Hog-Quartz School win in that category.

They also covered really well, most needing at most two coats. So there's that.

I hope you don't mind the occasional swatching, especially if it's an entire collection.  I just really wanted to share these since it's probably a limited edition grab you may kick yourself for missing out on later. Like I said...I love you and I want you to be the first to get them!