Snaky Subtlety

I've missed stamping! Today's manicure used a stamp (BM-220), and I forgot how much I love using those things. With the setup I have, it's so easy, and I can do it without thinking about anything. (Would anyone be interested in seeing how I set up before and after stamping?) This was particularly helpful last night, when I was thinking about what the nonsense and laughter that came out during "Wild Women Wednesdays" (name pending). Thanks Chloe & Bree!

The base for this stamp is Color Club's Nomadic Nude. I can't remember if I've used this before, but dang is it pretty. The stamp is Poetic (China Glaze).

There's not a whole lot else to say about this manicure, but I think it could pull as a work or interview appropriate manicure. Maybe the details are too much, but the color combination is enticing. I think an interviewer would notice it enough to think "Ok, good, this person takes good care of their looks", but not be distracted by it as you delivered your carefully thought out answers.

For my first interview, I honestly have no idea what I did with my nails. I know that I cleaned them (I had made sure to write that down on my hand as a reminder, which ultimately, was stupid, because then I spent a good 5 minutes scrubbing my hand to get the ink off), but I don't know if they were polished. This was back in high school, so forgive my forgetfulness. I do however remember one of the answers I gave. As my "worst work quality", I said I was sometimes too detailed. Sneaky answer, but coupled with my other answers and personality, it got me the job on the spot. I started working at Hollywood Video (may it rest in peace) that week.


  1. Looks great Katy! I'd love to see your stamping set up for sure. I make a big mess all over the coffee table when I do mine lol.

  2. That nomadic nude sure is pretty!

  3. Nomadic Nude is gorgeous and I love the stamp! Pretty mani!

  4. I remember seeing this manicure a few days ago on tumblr and I'm happy I came across your blog now :) I'm such an idiot not seeing your url on the pictures :P

  5. Oh my goodness, this is a great colour combo! I love how subtle and fresh this is. Reallllly really want to track down a snakeskin plate 0_0


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