Pretty Pinks

After my post yesterday with all of my China Glaze's, I decided to use some of the pastel pinks I got. I don't think I own a single article of clothing that is pastel pink, but the way it makes my hands look rocks. It's like how wearing black slims you down, only these pinks tan you up. Winter's here, so any help I can get for looking more tan is welcome and appreciated. Especially with how pale I looked this morning.

The two polishes I used are from my most recent, and probably most expensive haul. You're seeing two from China Glaze: Something Sweet stamped with Admire. Something Sweet is from the Up & Away collection. I absolutely adore every single one of those colors. That collection probably describes me best, and you'll probably be seeing it a lot on my fingers. Admire comes from the Romantique collection. Normally I wouldn't touch those polishes since I'm not a huge fan of chrome, but for stamping, they can't be beat. To get an idea, look at what Bregje created, often using some of the Romantiques. I will probably only be using them for stamping, but no promises. They may make a debut or two as bases, but don't ever expect to see them solo.

The plate is #205 from Bundle Monster. Originally, I wanted to use the flowers that were on that plate, but the engraving must not be deep enough. I just about frisbeed the plate across the room, but just gave up on it instead. I'm still happy with this design, and especially the tricks it plays on your eyes used with the colors I chose. It's hard to tell what the stamp is, and what the base is.


  1. Hello!This is my first time coming to ur blog:)
    This nail art is very pretty!!:3

  2. This is so lovely! Very beautiful mani. :)

  3. OOOh I have this stamp and love it!! just not a fan of the pink!

  4. @Fingers Pink's very hit and miss with girls. I knew you wouldn't like it though, I've seen that part of your blog before. ;)

  5. wow omg this is amazing! absolutly in love well done :) xx


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