SUPER EASY Color Splash Nail Art Tutorial for Divine Caroline

Whether you're a beauty pro or fashionable caveman, this tutorial is both easy and beautiful! All you need is color, your imagination, and a ragged old paint brush.

Zoya Paradise Sun Collection and Metallic Florals

This summer, Zoya has two new collections that marry beautifully with one another. Island Fun and Paradise Sun each have 6 colors that boast bold brightness. Island Fun is all about the creme, while Paradise Sun is full of metallics, and that's what we'll see today!

What's interesting about Paradise Sun is that it has a white metallic, which worked perfectly for this floral nail art, inspired by a pin I quickly grew to adore. I like simple backgrounds to the patterns I choose, so to be able to incorporate only colors from this collection was exciting!

Zoya Paradise Sun

The little flowers were painstakingly done with a tiny little brush and patience.

Zoya Paradise Sun

I couldn't decide between the colors, so I wound up using all but one in the collection.

Let's see these on their own, starting with the wonderful white, Genesis.

Zoya Genesis
Zoya - Genesis
Genesis (2 coats) is a pearly metallic white. It's not a cheesy, streaky formula either; it covers nicely and works well as a summer neutral.

Zoya Aphroite
Zoya - Aphroite
Aphroite (2 coats) is a neon red jelly with medium flecks of iridescence. It's unbelievably bright! Truly a sunny shade!

Zoya Isa
Zoya - Isa
Isa (2 coats) is a royal purple metallic blue flecks throughout. It's also almost a neon.

Festival Nails - Electric Daisy Nail Art Tutorial

Whether you're kicking it at Coachella or raving the night away at EDC, festivals are probably on your summer lineup. When preparing your festival fashion, don't forget your fingers and try this fun festival nail art I did for Divine Caroline.

EDC nails festival nails daisy nails

I'm a huge EDM fan, so my colors went beyond neon, but mix it up to match your festival style.

Get detailed instructions for this look over here at Divine Caroline, and tag me in your recreations!

OPI SoftShades Collection Swatches with Rhinestone Stack Nail Art

I'm doing a little spring cleaning - on my nails! Today I'm sharing the palette cleansing collection of the OPI SoftShades. These stray far away from the neons and brights that summer promises, but I personally welcome the change. This little collection has 6 shades that all complement even the least daring lady, with neutral pinks and whites. For the more out-there wear, there are a few glitters.

My favorite shade is Act Your Beige!, so I chose it for nail art. Only, it didn't need much. I didn't want to cover it because it's so pretty, so I just popped a few rhinestones and microbeads onto a few nails, and this stunning design came through.

I did 3 coats of Act Your Beige! because I like a milky finish. The rhinestones I used come from a few places, like Born Pretty Store.

Here's a little more side detail on the rhinestone stack.

Let's take a look at the SoftShades colors on their own, starting with one of the glitters.

OPI Petal Soft
OPI - Petal Soft

Kitchen Tiles Geometric Nail Art Tutorial

Inspiration can strike anytime from anything. The idea for this geometric nail art came straight from the kitchen - it's kitchen tiles!

geometric nail art tutorial

This design is easy to duplicate, even if you're not adept with a striping brush. I find it easier sometimes to use a striping polish, like the Color Madric polishes shown here.

I created this look for Divine Caroline, so visit the tutorial here to learn how to get the look!

Tulip Tutorial!

I love floral nails...I always have! I thought some more spring nails were in order, so please enjoy this tulip tutorial I created with Divine Caroline!

Tulip Tutorial

Zoya Delight Collection and Tiny Strawberry Nail Art

I'm delighted to share some juicy news, and juicy little berries with you today, all from the Zoya Delight collection! This is Zoya's Spring 2015 collection, and it's stunningly spring.

Zoya Delight strawberry nail art
Zoya Delight Collection Nail Art
My favorite color is yellow, so I fell in love with the base for this nail art, Daisy, instantly. I did some tiny little strawberries with Eden and Tiana. This design wasn't hard, though I wish I'd been more careful and precise with the seeds on the berries. Maybe I need to get my vision checked!

Let's see Delight on its own, with individual swatches. Enjoy!

Zoya - Daisy
Zoya - Daisy

See why I fell in love with Daisy (3 coats)? This is a daffodil yellow with iridescent shimmer.

Zoya - Eden
Zoya - Eden

Eden (3 coats) doesn't have any's a bubblegum pink creme.