LVX Winter 2014 Swatches and Pretty Painted China Patterns

Today I'm showing you swatches from the Winter 2014 LVX collection. Like all LVX collections, there are 6 shades, all inspired by the looks showing up on the runways. To see check out a few of the looks, be sure to click the name of each swatch below.

This collection brought about one of the nail community's most newly coveted shades, Denim. I fell in love with it as soon as I swatched it (keep scrolling to see it), and I loved the idea of pairing it with Mineral (also swatched below). I thought a simple, freehand flora design would be perfect!

Denim is that gorgeous blue I'm holding, and Mineral is the base. It looks like patterns on china, don't you think?

Now that I've thoroughly excited you...let's see the swatches!

LVX - Denim Denim (2 coats). For anyone who died a little on the inside when Sally Hansen changed the recipe for Pacific Blue, this may be your reprieve. Though it's not an exact dupe, it sure is close, and it's beautiful.

LVX - Femme

Femme (2 coats) is another new favorite of mine. I'm such a sucker for baby pinks, and this awesome formula makes it irresistible.

Zoya MatteVelvet Collection and Baroque Nail Art

If you're craving a non-traditional polish post, you'll love today's from Zoya. For Fall 2014, Zoya released their MatteVelvet Collection, which features 6 colors that dry beautifully matte. You know how neon colors dry matte, but they dry a little lumpy? Well these colors glide on beautifully and smooth out perfectly. To get an idea, here's some nail art using the Pro XL Plate 6 from MoYou London.

I didn't use any top coat for that design, just stamped Konad black over Posh and took the picture. See how smooth it is?!

Now let's look at Posh and the other MatteVelvets on their own.

Each polish has a hint of sparkle in it, which also dries matte, creating a really beautiful finish. I didn't for my swatches, but check out how these look with a shiny top coat over them. Peachy Polish did comparison shots with and without a top coat, which can really change the effect of the polish.

Zoya - Posh

Posh (2 coats) is a red matte finish. It's like red velvet on the nails.

Zoya - Veruschka

Veruschka (2 coats) is a Christmas tree green matte with slightly more noticeable sparkle than Posh.

NYC Crystal Couture Glitter Swatches & Stained Glass

Gorgeous glitters ahead! Put on your shades, because there's some serious sparkle about to go down.

NYC (or New York Color) released a lovely line of super sparkles, called Crystal Couture. If you visit that link, you'll only see 4 glitters, but I have 6 to share today!

The best thing about this line, in my opinion, is how the jelly the glitter's suspended in is actually quite opaque, so it works great for nail art. Like this stained glass stunner I did for you.'s not a stamp or a's freehand nail art! See how beautiful and bright those glitters come across? Let's check them out on their own.

NYC - Blue Majesty

Blue Majesty (3 coats) is an aqua blue jelly, with an array of glitter pieces, all in blue. Nice and royal, just as its name suggests.

NYC - Fashion Queen

Fashion Queen (2 coats) is another glitter with excellent coverage, sort of a gold-bronze shade. The glitter within it are all small.

NYC - NY Princess

NY Princess (2 coats) is my favorite. Look at how luscious that jelly base is! It's a great grape jelly with a variety of glitter sizes.

LVX Fall 2014 Collection - Swatches and Valentine's Day Nail Art

Still yearning for some grey polishes, even after Tuesday's Fifty Shades tribute? Then check out today's post for the 2014 Fall collection from LVX, featuring a few more greys, pinks, and more, inspired by Fall 2014's runway looks. As you're well aware, LVX polish draws inspiration for all of their colors from runway looks and trends. I wonder what they're finding at this year's NYFW!

For swatches of the whole LVX Fall 2014 collection, keep scrolling. For some Valentine's Day fun, scroll no further! The collection's perfect pink, Peony, was just right for the world's favorite flower-bearing holiday. I paired it with another shade from the collection, Espresso, then accented it with Cerise. How adorable are those little lub-dubs?!

Though you can't see it, my thumbs also had a little red heart hidden among the chocolate hearts.

Let's look at the colors without art now.

LVX - Cerise

Cerise (2 coats) is a bright fuschia. Initially I thought it was more of a bright cherry, but the pink tones are pretty apparent.

LVX - Anthracite

Anthracite (2 coats) is a dark and rich charcoal grey. I like what LVX suggested - using this as an alternative to black. It's really dark!

Next is Peony.

OPI Fifty Shades of Grey Collection - Review, Swatches and Sultry Nail Art

This Valentine's Day, every single woman between the ages of 18 and 65 will be in the movie theater, eagerly awaiting the release of one of this year's most anticipated films...Fifty Shades of Grey. I feel terrible for the staff that has to clean up the seats after the showings.

This controversial film is based on the trilogy series of the same name. I tried my best to read it, and a little ways into the first book, I could honestly say I was enjoying it. Then he gave her the contract, and I had to shut it down. It was too awkward to sit in bed and read those words. So, I won't be paying for the movie either.

What I would be happy paying for however is the OPI collection released for the movie premiere. This collection only contains 6 shades, and after organizing them in my stash, I realized I didn't have many greys, so it was the perfect addition!

I was really looking forward to the nail art for the collection. I'd seen Fleury Rose's ripped tights nail art and knew I needed to recreate it...with a few racy additions.

I added the sexy lip bite and suggestive chains in honor of the adult content Fifty Shades of Grey is all about. Everything was done freehand, as usual. All the colors used (except the black and white detailing) are from the OPI Fifty Shades of Grey Collection, so let's see them on their own.

OPI - Cement the Deal
Cement the Deal (2 coats) is a cool, medium grey creme shade. It's a little darker than my picture shows. It was the base for the lip-biting nail art on my thumb.

Rocker Water Decals

More and more girls around the world are taking up nail art, trying it on themselves and on their friends. However, some people aren't ready to dive head first into freehand nail art. It's tricky and takes a ton of time and patience. So for the artsy lady, there's a simple and stunning solution...water decals! Just like temporary tattoos of your childhood, all you need is a little water to apply them.

These decals are from a now-outta-business seller on etsy, called Nail Doodles. I was sent these for review but didn't post them before the store's owner, Abbie, decided to put the kibosh on the business. Don't worry though, a Google search for "nail decals" yields plenty of results if you're shopping for some.

So how do you put decals on your nails? Each decal dealer has their own set of instructions specific to their artwork, but the same principal generally applies to them all.

  1. Cut out the decal of your choosing from the paper it comes on. Cut as close to the design as you can! 
  2. Peel away the plastic from the front of the decal. 
  3. Place the design face down on your nail, and apply a cotton ball soaked with a little water to the back of the paper. Hold it there a few seconds.
  4. Peel back the paper, and the design should be on your nail. 
  5. Top it off with top coat to keep the decal in place.
Then go crazy with polish designs around it, like I did!

So what if the guitar is actually a ukelele?! Ukelele's still rock!

China Glaze Twinkle Collection - Swatches, Review & Nail Art

This winter collection from China Glaze is one I really enjoyed! Unlike some past CG winter collections, Twinkle doesn't focus heavily on the Christmas aspect of winter. It does have a few Christmas colors, which is fine (especially since one of them's a glitter), but the focus is cold, crisp winter.

Inspired by this crispness, I opted to do a negative space mani, since it's all the rage right now! The Spring/Summer 2015 runways were full of designs using...or rather not using...empty space. I liked how clean the lines were, and how it made my fingers look.

The charcoal grey creme is just one of the 12 colors in the Twinkle collection, called Out Like a Light.

Shown here in 2 coats, Out Like a Light is a gorgeous dark grey creme. I loved how cleanly it went on. I mean, check out that reflection!

December to Remember (2 coats) is a dusty blue with a light pink shimmer. It's a little streaky.

Another shiny finish, No Peeking! (2 coats) is a pretty dark purple mauve.

Tip Your Hat (2 coats) is the stereotypical "red in a winter collection", but it's gorgeous! It's a solid red with a little bit of burgundy. See that slight tinge of pink that cools the whole color down?