It's Fall Y'all - Leafy Patterns

Though the temperature of Fall isn't my favorite, the colors of Fall collections are pretty major and chic. I was inspired by these, and in particular, a leafy pattern designed by an Etsy creator, Eloise Renouf. I riffed almost entirely literally on her design for today's nail art.

Obviously this design called for plenty of colors. I pulled the following colors (and teased you about it on Instagram earlier here):
  • For the pinky: OPI - Black Onyx and Cacee - Whitely
  • For the ring finger: OPI - Cement the Deal and essie - Blanc
  • For the middle finger: Black Onyx and LVX - Militaire
  • For the index finger: OPI - Kiss Me I'm Brazilian and Black Onyx
  • For the thumb: OPI - A-Taupe the Space Needle and Blanc

I really love the middle finger the most...which one's your favorite?

Nigiri Nails - Sushi Nail Art

When I was in college, I had my first experience with sushi. The guy I was dating at the time took me to a nice sushi restaurant, and told me he'd take care of the ordering, since I was new to sushi and all.

We had nice conversation, and I indulged in a big bowl of salty edamame. He directed me to put a little wasabi in my soy sauce dish, but after learning from a prank in high school that wasabi is actually nothing like guacamole, I politely declined. I'd been looking forward to trying sushi all day, so when it arrived, I could hardly refrain from eating the whole plate while the waiter explained what each row of sushi was.

I grabbed my first piece, doused it in soy sauce, then I'm sure the color of my face changed from a sun-kissed California glow to a solid wasabi green. My date had ordered us a nice big pile of octopus. If you've never had tastes and has the consistency of an eraser.

Not surprisingly, I didn't try sushi again for a long time. Luckily, my now boyfriend insisted I retry it, and I've been hooked ever since. I'm still not a big fan of octopus though.

In honor of my traumatic experience, I did some sushi nail art!

Sushi Nail Art by Katy at Nailed It -

I painted each little piece freehand, using this pattern I found on Flickr, which according to the Flickr user, is from the book Yoko by Rosemary Wells. I rummaged through my collection to find just the right colors for each piece. Here's a list of them all:

  • Zoya - Wednesday
  • Misa - Peach Passion
  • Sation - Magic Mani Bus
  • Sation - You're My Lacquer Charm
  • essie - Roarrrrange
  • essie - Blanc
  • essie - Licorice
Now I'm hungry...

Clients' Nail Files - Grateful Dead for Monica

I don't often share nail art I've done for clients here on the blog, but my client Monica and I were so happy with these little tributes to Grateful Dead album art from Steal Your Face, that I just had to!

Grateful Dead Steal Your Face nail art by Katy at Nailed It -

Monica wanted the little skulls to last, so we did everything in GelColor by OPI. The pink is Suzi Shops and Island Hops, the red is Big Apple Red, and her blue is OPI...Eurso Euro. The accents of white are Alpine Snow and black is Black Onyx.

All in all, the nail art took about an hour. If it weren't closing time at the salon, I would have done all 10 fingers, but her "peace" fingers worked out beautifully in the time we did have.

If you'd like to get nail art with me, book an appointment with me at St Julien Hotel & Spa in Boulder!

LVX Fall 2015 Collection with Marvelous Marble

I'm not sure if you guys know, but LVX as a brand has no sheer colors. Their formula is all full-coverage...until now! They're branching out of their prudish ways to reveal a little more nudity...of the nail. The Fall 2015 collection offers two shades that are slightly more sheer than any in the past, and I can only see it going off from there.

There are two sheerish shades, and I liked the idea of pairing one of them with gold in particular, and after a Pinterest inspiration binge, I found a pattern I liked a lot (here). Here's what I came up with.

Marvelous Marble by Katy at Nailed It -

I used a non-LVX shade for the base (I Cannoli Wear OPI from OPI...obviously), but the other three shades are all from the collection I'm reviewing today: Rhone, Militaire, and a line of Monarch.

To get the marble texture, I striped random, squiggly lines of Militaire very lightly. Some of the lines I watered down with a little acetone before and after I applied. It was a lot of back and forth, smudging with acetone and then retracing with fresh polish. Ultimately I think it looks pretty accurate to what marble is, don't you think?

Now let's take a look at the collection.

First, I have to say this is one of the most well put together collections I've seen for fall. All the colors make sense, and they all work well with each other. I've already used all of these colors on clients and they're all thrilled each time. I say I'd have to agree!

LVX - Militaire
LVX - Militaire
Militaire (1-2 coats) covers amazingly well! If I'd applied just a tad bit more carefully, 1 coat would've been plenty. This color does have a militant feel to it...kind of that greyish-green you'd associate with a military or army uniform. Really great creme!

LVX - Monarch
LVX - Monarch
Monarch (3 coats) is a yellow-gold foil that needed a little more than 2 coats for nice even coverage. It gave the marble tips I made the perfect midas accent.

LVX - Rhone
LVX - Rhone
Rhone (2 coats) is the first sorta-sheer in this collection (you can see the free edge of my ring finger a little in this swatch). It's a nude blush creme.

LONDONTOWN - lakur Fall/Winter 2015 Collection with Beautiful Blossoms

Not all of us are eager and excited about new colors like some of the blues and purples coming to light. I am not one of those people. HOWEVER...if you are, then tonight's post might just be perfect for you...or your mom. I've got the newest lakur collection for Fall/Winter 2015, which is a quaint 4-piece collection of very neutral shades.

Ever since getting my new laptop decal (you can see it here), I've been wanting to do a nice simple little floral design. These coordinated shades of red and pink were perfect for the task.

Beautiful Blossoms by Katy @
Click to Enlarge

I know there are a lot of floral tutorials out there that look similar to this, but I didn't really follow a tutorial. I just followed the pattern of the decal I mentioned, and really liked the way it turned out! I used 3 of the 4 shades from this collection, as well as another lakur shade called Emerald Tower.

Here's a little info about lakur as a brand. It's a 5-free line, it's vegan, it's cruelty-free, plus some other pros. Mainly, it touts itself as a nourishing, natural ingredient line that will fix your nails while giving you some solid coverage in color. I can't speak for the long-term effects of the polish (I swatch too much to ever properly test that for you all), but I can say the coverage is quite nice. The formula is a little thick, which didn't cause application problems yet, but could be an issue when the bottle starts to run low later on. So weigh your options with this brand - healing properties but potentially difficult application. Keep that in mind while you browse the swatches.

lakur - Lady Luck
lakur - Lady Luck
Lady Luck (2 coats) is a blood red creme. I swatched this color while watching a scary movie, so maybe that's why I'm associating it with blood. What do you think?

lakur - Mauve Over
lakur - Mauve Over
Mauve Over (2 coats) really washes me out, which is a bummer because it's a pretty color. I guess muted rosy mauves aren't good on me.

lakur - Murray Me
lakur - Murray Me
Murray Me (2 coats) is my favorite from the collection. It's a nude creme with tones of greyish-pink. It's the base of my nail art, as well as the highlight of the flowers. I'm not sure what the "Murray" is referring to. Probably Bill know...he's a white guy?

lakur - The Full Monty
lakur - The Full Monty
If Mauve Over washes me out, then The Full Monty (2 coats) really gets lost. I have these yellow undertones in my skin, which The Full Monty has as well. Don't get me wrong, the flesh creme is stunning...but can you tell on my skin?

lakur and the other LONDONTOWN products can all be purchased here. Enjoy!

The products in this post were given for review purposes. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.

OPI Venice Collection and Italian Tribal

If you follow me on Instagram, last night you got a super blurry, tantalizingly taunting sneak peek of today's post. I'm really excited to share the real deal with you now! I've got the full set of swatches for the new Fall/Winter 2015 OPI collection, Venice

After looking at the colors from Venice, I realized some of them matched closely to a "nailspiration" picture I had pinned recently (here).  Though it's not exactly Venetian, I loved the print, so I painstakingly duplicated it on my nails.

It took me longer than I'd care to admit.

Italian Tribal Print by Katy @ Nailed It
Click to Enlarge
There's some seriously teeny tiny brushwork that went into this, but it was all inspired by the gorgeous Venice collection. (WARNING: Cheesy OPI names ahead!)

The collection has 12 colors, plus 3 awesome limited edition colors! I was surprised by that...I'd never heard of that before. So here's a look at those 3 first.

OPI - Baroque...But Still Shopping!
OPI - Baroque...But Still Shopping!
Baroque...But Still Shopping! (2 coats) is a brassy gold chrome with a little grit and texture in it, plus hex and square gold glitter. I'm not the biggest fan of polishes like this that embed glitter in a base that essentially envelopes the glitter. To me, it looks like someone got little pieces of dust stuck in their polish while they applied it.

OPI - Venice the Party?
OPI - Venice the Party?
Venice the Party? (2 coats) is a bright teal chrome. It's a little more teal than my swatch shows. You can see that it's still a little bit sheer after 2 coats, but that didn't bother me enough to use a third. It looks nice with 2.

OPI - St. Mark's the Spot
OPI - St. Mark's the Spot
The last limited edition color is St. Mark's the Spot (2 coats), which is an effortless dark blue chrome. It's one of those royal, regal colors you can really sink your teeth into.

As I mentioned, those are just the limited edition colors, so if you're loving any of these colors, act quickly, because when OPI says "limited edition", they mean it! Snag 'em while they're hot! After the jump, you'll see the rest of the 12-piece Fall/Winter collection.

Zoya Focus Collection and Hocus Focus Nail Art

Are you ready for some sickeningly sweet cremes? Sadly, they're not particularly good tasting. Trust me, I tried. They're the other half to Zoya's newest collection pair, Focus and Flair. As I mentioned in my review of the Flair collection, my heart was really more drawn to Focus, so let's check that out today.

I'd seen a fantastic dark to light gradient on Pinterest in the past (this one here) and wanted to duplicate that at some point, but I really loved the idea of two colors from this collection, Hannah and Lidia, together. So I sponged on a gradient with the two and embellished it with some skull charms from my collection. I believe the charms were from Born Pretty Store and Winstonia, but they don't appear to have these particular charms anymore.

I call this nail art "Hocus Focus".

Hocus Focus
Click to enlarge!
See how well the two shades blend with each other, even with my not-so-on-point gradient? I guess I just need to do more gradients! I didn't adhere the skulls with anything other than top coat, because I knew I would be taking this off for more swatching.

Now let's look at Hannah, Lidia, and the rest of the girls from Focus up close!

Zoya - Charli
Zoya - Charli
First is Charli (2 coats). I think Charli is much prettier to me than the Flair counterparts Aggie and Tris. It's a unique army green putty creme with excellent coverage. In fact, all of the Focus collection has fantastic coverage, but I was surprised by this one in particular.

Zoya - Hannah
Zoya - Hannah
Hannah (2 coats) was a surprise as well! Sometimes, when reds are so bright, they lose opacity and appear sheer, even after two even coats. But Hannah applied beautifully, and is now a favorite maraschino cherry red of mine.

Zoya - Sia
Zoya - Sia
Ok...this color is regal as hell! Sia (2 coats) makes me want to swing from the chandeliers it's so stunning! (See what I did there?) It's the most royal blue I've ever swatched. It literally looks like the picture of the swatch in person. Damn!