Fabulous Fall Nail Tutorial for Divine Caroline

I'm totally inspired by the gorgeous colors of the falling leaves here in Boulder. The reds and golds are something out of a painting.

So I've translated these looks onto my nails for today's Divine Caroline tutorial here!

Zoya Entice Collection Review & Swatches

Fall's here! I think one of the most memorable thing about fall is the color palette it ushers in...plus all the pumpkin spice lattes. Here's a great collection to get your hands on this season...Zoya's Entice collection, full of Fall, and maybe a few winter cremes.

I was really inspired by one color in particular, Ryan. So I used it as a base for these rough, watercolor floral nails.

Let's see Ryan on her own...

Ryan (2 coats) is a royal, jewel-toned dark blue creme. It's definitely unique to my collection.

Claire (2 coats) is a deep brick red creme. Somewhat brown, it's perfect for fall.

Geneviev (2 coats) is one of the colors I'm unsure counts as stereotypically fall. It's gorgeous nonetheless. It's a strange formula because it has just a tiny bit of a pearlescent sheen in the dusty slate grey blue base.

Margo (2 coats) is another amazing color. It's a deep dark, yet bright purple-pink. All the little girls who loved pink toes would grow up to wear this in the Fall.

Nyssa (2 coats) reads totally Fall. A great, milk chocolate caramel color.

Last but not least is Veronica (2 coats), which is a creamy mulberry - a "no duh!" Fall shade.

Like most Zoya collections, Entice comes with a complementary collection, which is called Ignite. It'll be up here at Nailed It soon, so stick around for that. In the meantime, pick up the Entice collection here just in time for Fall!

The products in this post were given for review purposes. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.

Nailed It - Your Favorite Nail Blog for Marie Claire's 2nd Annual Most Wanted Beauty Award

I'm thrilled to announce that the readers and editors at Marie Claire magazine took their votes, and selected Nailed It as their "Favorite Nail Blog" for the 2nd Annual Most Wanted Beauty Awards!

I was nominated among several popular talented artists, so to be selected as your favorite this year, I'm over the moon!

Thank you all for your love, comments and kudos!


Cosmoprof North America 2014: Jessica Cosmetics

Another great installment of what I got to see at Cosmoprof North America 2014 for you tonight. Unlike other bloggers, I purposely decided to split up the Cosmoprof 2014 posts so you can continually be excited by them. To see them all, browse the CPNA2014 tag.

Jessica Cosmetics at Cosmoprof 2014

The time I was able to spend with the Jessica Cosmetics rep was very brief, and they had appointment after appoinment, so I couldn't spend a ton of time getting all the details. Here's what I was able to gather from the rep though. All in all, it's exciting, and my favorite collection (Autumn in New York) I'll review for you at the bottom of this post, so don't miss it!

Here's a sneak peak at the nail art, to entice you to read on...

Vegan Cuts Nail Art Box Review

The beauty industry is heavily saturated with beauty boxes. Whether you're a makeup, product, or nail junkie, there's a box for everyone. A new box caters to an even more specific crowd - introducing the Vegan Cuts Nail Box.

The products in the Vegan Cuts Nail Box are all vegan - meaning they do not contain any animal products (which may include silk from silk worms, guanine from fish scales, or carmine from scale insects). While I personally don't get squeamish from these products, I understand that others do, and for those people, Vegan Cuts may be just the right subscription.

This little box has a pretty steep price point at $24.95. Here's what the website states is included for the August 4th shipment:
  • Adorn Nails in L'Age d'Or or Vive Le Coquette  - .5 oz.
  • James Robert John in Just This Once  - .4 oz.
  • So Gloss Silver Arrowhead Nail Wraps - 24 individual wraps
  • LipGlosserie Cuticle Balm - .25 oz.
  • Black Sheep Lacquer in Cloudy Skies - .2 oz.
  • Elysian Nail Lacquer in a summer shade - .2 oz.
  • Vegan Cuts Special Edition Nail File
  • La Fresh Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover - 1 wipe
As you can see, the box is a mix of sizes, brands, and effects. Here's a look at some of the products in the box on their own.

Peacock Feather Nail Art for Divine Caroline

Kicking off your weekend, here's a coveted nail art look to try. You can flaunt these peacock feathers on your own, if you're feeling a little adventurous in your nail art skills!

This tutorial is over at Divine Caroline, including all the colors used and some incredible brushes to try out!

Creepy Cracked Halloween Nails for Divine Caroline

Tonight's Halloween nail art look offers an option outside the realm of adorable pumpkins or gorable pus. Take a crack at this look for something different this Halloween.