Pumpkin Moons

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving dinners and that you have some stretchy pants in your closet for the rest of the year. I'm currently in bed, thinking about buying a legit pair of sweat pants...full drawstring and all. If the cuffs at the bottom are cinched like an old school scrunchie, even better.

Luckily, before my post-Thanksgiving-dinner-and-back-to-back-Black-Friday-workday, I did a quick nail art look. Nothing new, but the color combo was too pretty not to share.

That beautiful orange pumpkin color is OPI It's a Piazza Cake. The creamy moons (somewhat reminiscent of pumpkin pie whipped cream topping no) are done with Be There in a Prosecco from the OPI Venice Collection (as is Piazza).

Simple but striking, no?

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Un-BULL-ievable Skull

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Tonight's post turned out absolutely beautiful to me. What do you think?

Un-bull-ievable Skull by Katy @ Nailed It

I was inspired by two pictures I randomly stumbled across on the Instagram "Explore Posts" feature. The first was this pillow, shared by user phxflea. I liked the negative space skull a lot. Then I found another pillow picture (odd coincidence) by user ohhdeer. I thought that gradient would be a perfect backdrop for the negative image of the skull.

I can't believe I got such a great gradient using 5 colors...and the gradient only took 4 layers of sponging (which, if you've done gradients before, is pretty low). Here's a look at the gradient, sans-skull and pre-top coat.

To achieve the gradient, I painted these 5 colors on the sponge, in order from cuticle to free edge:

Five sunset gradient shades
Left to right: Zoya Portia, Zoya Chantal, Zoya Tiana, Barielle Ocean Breeze, and Zoya Natty
I didn't use anything under the gradient (besides base coat).

My other fingers were done with OPI Be There in a Prosecco, with little stud accents from Born Pretty Store.

After taking pictures of the skull, I thought I'd try a little outlining, to see how it looked. I honestly can't pick between the two versions because I like them both in their own way.

Un-bull-ievable Skull Accent by Katy @ Nailed It

Would you wear either of these yourself, or is it a little too out-there to pull off?

Lil' Baby Reindeer

Boulder ushered in some sticky snow tonight, so I'm switching gears from my one Fall post (sorry, I've been busy) to full blown winter.

How cute and perfect is this lil' baby reindeer for the inaugural event! The pattern was drawn by Instagram illustrator, Zoe Ingram. Initially I tried to do the pattern she did, in which the reindeer repeats, but I can't find a detailing brush small enough for that. That's fine though, because after all, there is only ONE red-nosed reindeer.

Lil' Baby Reindeer by Katy @ Nailed It

For the base, I used OPI Can't Find My Czechbook. His lil' body is Duri Lady In White, and details on his face were done with Black Onyx and Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It, both from OPI.

I'm excited for winter designs, but I want to go outside the box of what you normally see on Christmas nail art wheels. Anything unusual you'd like to see?

Matte Fall Picnic Plaid

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Now, the inspiration for today's nail art actually came from the aforementioned book. Sarah contributed a fantastic tutorial (which also wound up on the cover) that teaches you how to get a cute plaid look. I combined that tutorial with inspiration from Jessica Washick, a nail artist in NYC, and made this Fall-ready look.

I don't know about you, but this just makes me want to snuggle up with a cozy blanket, a slice of warm apple pie, and a cup of piping hot apple cider. Mmm!

I used 3 OPI colors for this look. Coca-Cola Red as the base, Amore at the Grand Canal and Black Onyx for the plaid detail. I finished it with OPI's Matte Top Coat to keep it cozy.

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It's Fall Y'all - Leafy Patterns

Though the temperature of Fall isn't my favorite, the colors of Fall collections are pretty major and chic. I was inspired by these, and in particular, a leafy pattern designed by an Etsy creator, Eloise Renouf. I riffed almost entirely literally on her design for today's nail art.

Obviously this design called for plenty of colors. I pulled the following colors (and teased you about it on Instagram earlier here):
  • For the pinky: OPI - Black Onyx and Cacee - Whitely
  • For the ring finger: OPI - Cement the Deal and essie - Blanc
  • For the middle finger: Black Onyx and LVX - Militaire
  • For the index finger: OPI - Kiss Me I'm Brazilian and Black Onyx
  • For the thumb: OPI - A-Taupe the Space Needle and Blanc

I really love the middle finger the most...which one's your favorite?

Nigiri Nails - Sushi Nail Art

When I was in college, I had my first experience with sushi. The guy I was dating at the time took me to a nice sushi restaurant, and told me he'd take care of the ordering, since I was new to sushi and all.

We had nice conversation, and I indulged in a big bowl of salty edamame. He directed me to put a little wasabi in my soy sauce dish, but after learning from a prank in high school that wasabi is actually nothing like guacamole, I politely declined. I'd been looking forward to trying sushi all day, so when it arrived, I could hardly refrain from eating the whole plate while the waiter explained what each row of sushi was.

I grabbed my first piece, doused it in soy sauce, then I'm sure the color of my face changed from a sun-kissed California glow to a solid wasabi green. My date had ordered us a nice big pile of octopus. If you've never had it...it tastes and has the consistency of an eraser.

Not surprisingly, I didn't try sushi again for a long time. Luckily, my now boyfriend insisted I retry it, and I've been hooked ever since. I'm still not a big fan of octopus though.

In honor of my traumatic experience, I did some sushi nail art!

Sushi Nail Art by Katy at Nailed It - www.blognailedit.co

I painted each little piece freehand, using this pattern I found on Flickr, which according to the Flickr user, is from the book Yoko by Rosemary Wells. I rummaged through my collection to find just the right colors for each piece. Here's a list of them all:

  • Zoya - Wednesday
  • Misa - Peach Passion
  • Sation - Magic Mani Bus
  • Sation - You're My Lacquer Charm
  • essie - Roarrrrange
  • essie - Blanc
  • essie - Licorice
Now I'm hungry...